Leaving Chania behind us , in a distance of 35 km we directed itself southerly to the top of White Mountains. In a verdurous way through the villages of Province Kydonia we are going up to Omalos. Afterwards the Village “Fournes” the street becomes uphill in order to leads us in “Lakkous”, a very beautiful village with view in the tops of mountains. We continue the way through the renowned “Strata of Mousouron” and lead to the taller point of way, where is revealed to us the plateau of Omalos with the famous Samaria Gorge.

From the beginning of May until the end of October exist itineraries of buses which begin from the long distance station that is found in the centre of city of Chania.

The Itineraries for the summer period are following:
CHANIA-OMALOS 06:15 – 07:30 – 08:30 – 14:00
OMALOS-CHANIA 07:15 – 08:30- 09:30- 15:00

– With your own car.
– With organised excursion from tourist agency which it attends to your transport from and back to Chania.

Distances (in Km):
Harbour 42 km
Airport 50Km
Health Center 20 km
Hospital 30km
Drugstore 20 km
Police Station 20 km
Fire Department 14 Km
Post Office 20 km
Bank 20 km
Mjni-Market 14Km
Beach 40Km

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