In the southern side of plateau Omalos, 35 km away from the city of Chania, in the White Mountains of Western Crete, begins the Samaria gorge. It is the bigger gorge of Europe, which from 1962 is characterized as National Park. The gorge shaping unique in all the Mediterranean, constitutes, with the around hills and other smaller gorges, part of National forest.

The gorge begins from the region Xyloskalo in height 1.200 m. with total length18 km that lead to the coastal village Saint Roumeli, touching upon thus the coasts of Liviko Pelagos. The visits become from 1 May up to 31 October and from the 6 p.m. until the 4 a.m. Crossing lasts 5-7 hours.
The gorge has unique geomorphology with minimal width of 2,5 m and sides almost vertical, that reach 300-600m
In the heart of gorge is found a small church since1379, dedicated in the Osia Maria, which it took the name the area of the village(Samaria) as well as the entire gorge.
One of the narrower points of gorge are the imposing “Doors” with width of 3 m. and height of 600m.
Leading to the Saint Roumeli you can pass with the boat in Loutro or in Sfakia or in Sougia or in Paleochora.
From Sfakia, from Sougia or from Paleochora you can use the bus in order to return in the city of Chania.

Useful information on the crossing of gorge:

  • It will be supposed to wear half boots or comfortably and regularly shoes with cotton socks
  • Essential hat, sun glasses, and light and cotton clothes.
  • Your pucksack should be light with absolutely essential.

In the National Forest it is prohibited:

  • The camp, the overnight stay, the fire and the swimming.
  • The collection and disaster of plants, animals, cultural monuments, signs or other manufactures.
  • The hunting of any animal and mainly the Wild Goat (Kri-Kri).
  • The cast of waste in places apart from determining.
  • The smoking, apart from the special places for rest.
  • The consumption of alcoholic drinks.
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